Bob Dylan's "Friday"

This song got me through some tough bullying that was a recurring theme of my childhood. Every week I would just wish for it to be Friday so that school would be over and I would be free until Monday. Friday, Friday, Friday I would tell myself over and over again listening to this song on my casette player, the 60’s were a tough time for me.

Dylan pulled me through those times, this song especially, the cover versions that are floating about may cheapen it but it will always remain a classic.


I personally think that Mr Dylan was attempting to convey the ever harrowing subject of the vulnerability of human life, the inescapable nature of mortality and the horrible truth that we all waste precious time.

"Seein’ everything, the time is goin’

Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’”

is clearly a statement about how we can’t control time and that everybody is rushing and wasting the things that are really important in life, the weekends (specifically Friday) with friends.


A true anthem

Though this was taken from YouTube, it articulates my vision for this Tumblr:

This discussion is a gathering for true fans of Bob Dylan’s Friday. This is a place to share fond memories and to explore the infinitesimal wonder gleaned from the lyrics. If you come to this site from one of the anti-Dylan forums to taunt, insult and cast aspersions on the gentle and loving folk here, know that you have no power over us or Bob, for Friday binds us all, whether you like it or not. Better you should listen to Friday, cast off your anger and know fun fun fun fun.


The story that Mama Cass died eating a ham sandwich is nothing but unsubstantiated rumor. An urban myth. In truth, she died choking on her sobs, brought to tears by the very story you tell here. The recollection of both Bob and Janis’ renditions at one time was too much for her heavy chest to bear. R.I.P. Mama.


I encourage you all to read The Dunciad’s insightful essay called “Looking Forward To The Weekend: Preliminary Notes On Bob Dylan’s ‘Friday’”

P.S. Sorry for the hiatus!

The Good Friday Agreement - Belfast 1998

This song was an anthem for the Good Friday peace agreement in Northern Ireland in 1998. I remember going to a celebration gig on the streets of Belfast with my dad. Protestants and Catholics stood side by side listening to Bono sing Dylan’s Friday lyrics. My dad looked at me and said - “Listen to the lyrics son, there is the future of our lands.” Thank you Bob for writing this song. I know you didn’t know it at the time of writing, but you played your part in bringing peace to Northern Ireland.

My and My Sweetheart

I remember sittin’ on my back porch in the summer of ‘66 with my high-school sweetheart, listening to this song, and getting my first kiss. So many good times were spent listening to this track. Quoting the infamous words of Mr. Dylan, “Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.”

Which seat?

So many gutsy statements were made in this song. The lines where he says, “Gotta Get Down To the bus stop. I see my friends. kickin’ in the front seat, Sittin’ in the back seat, gotta make my mind, which seat can I take.” He is talking about the civil rights movement and his friends all choosing a side, and him having to decide on which side to take, and he ultimately decided to “kick in” the front seat, and move way for the movement. He’s so truthful and gutsy, especially for his time. That’s why he was so great.

Hard Times and Friday

All I wanted was to see Dylan  perform at Woodstock 2, but I was dealing with my cocaine addiction at that time. I was about to hit rock bottom, living on the side of the road in San Fransisco, I moved there like so many other hippies, and I thought that my soul was being freed, but alas, it was just being restricted by drugs. One night when I ran out of cash and couldn’t get any more dope, I was thinking about taking my life, but then a passerby told me, in the infamous words of Mr. Bob Dylan, “Tomorrow is Saturday,” and he was right, I had more than just then, I had tomorrow.

Here is Bob Dylan’s immortal “Friday,” the song that defined a generation.

"It’s a montage, it’s a pastiche, it’s a sample, it’s stolen goods, It’s a man living and telling it how it is, how it was and how it never was. It’s pure Dylan man- The thief’s poet, the eye of the walker, the janitor of dreams, the lone drinker at the bar of the lost souls, drinking for all of us man. All of us."


Correct, “Friday” is also a commentary on drug use in the 1960’s.

"Gotta have my bowl" is a thinly veiled reference to marijuana.

"My friend on my right" is a reference to the conservative propaganda oppression of counterculture cannabis, which sadly is just as effective today as the failure of Prop 19 in California shows us.

"Partying, partying, yeah" seems optimistic, but is actually ironic; Dylan’s concession that perhaps drug use was destroying young minds of his generation.


The song reflects Dylan’s feelings on the Cold War. Construction on the Berlin Wall began June 15 1961, a Thursday. Dylan actually says everybody’s “Russian” not rushing. He poses the question: aren’t we all a little Russian? He calls for a party between the US and USSR on Friday to alleviate tension in the Cold War, to think about fun and celebrate life. On Saturday December 23 1989 Berliners could travel freely between East and West Berlin, it was the end of the Cold War. Dylan was so excited


It’s a thinly-veiled crucifixion narrative. “Friday” is, of course, Good Friday, and “gotta get down” means “gotta get down” from this cross. The friend to the left is the good thief who will join him in the kingdom of heaven, and the friends in the front are the apostles scattered on Golgotha. “Looking forward to the weekend” is a reference to the descent into hell, at which point Dylan/Christ will have “fun, fun, fun” redeeming the sins of humanity and rising from the dead on Easter.


There were brief moments during the chaotic times of the ’60s when Dylan merely wished to reflect on the simple, fun times in life. Thus, the quiet opus, “Friday” was created.

What was most important in life? Was it the type of cereal one ate in the morning? Could it be which seat one took in a car?

Nay, Dylan said. It was that fleeting moment of exhilaration that comes about only once a week. When one can speed down the highway with friends. When all is right in the world. It’s Friday.


Friday, well this track, Friday, was actually originally named ‘Gotta Get My Bowl’, a play-on theme from when his best friend was homless, and in shelter under volunteering care back in…1970 i believe. Yes, times were hard, but this song, i remember this song was always played to get you straight out of those hard times, and pick you right back up on your feet again, and thats exactly what it did. God bless Bob Dylan for writing such a remarkable sonnet.